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Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Upper Crust

What does “The Upper Crust” really mean anyway? Webster defines it as “the highest social class” and lists its synonyms as “best, choice and elite”. If you would have asked me back before I moved to Columbia, I would have directed you to America’s premier aristocratic fop-rock band by that name www.theuppercrust.org (I particularly enjoy their AC/DC style tribute to Marie Antoinette entitled “Let Them Eat Rock”). Of course if you are from Columbia, you know The Upper Crust means The Upper Crust Bakery, Columbia’s best destination for all things soup, sandwich and beyond (sorry Panera) http://www.theuppercrust.biz/. So when we got the call to do a shoot with The Upper Crust Bakery, we were equal parts honored and excited.

Many of you know The Upper Crust has fantastic breakfast and lunch menus, as well as an amazing array of baked items and catering options. What you might not know is that they are extending their menu and hours to cover dinner as well. We had the opportunity to shoot and sample some of the new dinner entrees, and I can assure you that “best, choice and elite” certainly are fitting adjectives. But please don’t take my word for it. Hurry in and try out the new dinner menu! You’ll be glad you did. Being in the wedding industry, we can more than enthusiastically recommend The Upper Crust to cater any event you may have as well.

Here are a few highlights from the shoot. Do be careful, it WILL make you hungry!

Wishing you smooth sailing on the seas of cheese,


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