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Friday, June 3, 2011

.:kathleen + michael:.

Kat & Michael's engagement shoot in Salisbury was a new adventure. If the shoot was a book and I was titling the book, it would probably be entitled "The Salisbury Adventures of Mallory, Brian, Kat, & Michael and The Mystical (and Not So Mystical) Creatures and Mysteries They Encountered"

We should have known this engagement shoot would be different. First off, we were in Salisbury (which has a mural on the side of an old storefront which tells the history of the town that, oddly, none of us were able to cipher). Second off, it was Michael's birthday. (I know, right? What a totally awesome dude to give up the morning of his 26th birthday to hang out with two yahoos taking his photos for several hours. Brian would have demanded Taco Bell immediately prior and post as a treat!) Thirdly, we were starting off on a farm. And, fourthly, we were in Salisbury.

We met Kat last summer at Megan & Ben's wedding. Kat was the quiet one off to the side. She wore a pink dress from David's Bridal and, as Megan's wedding was one of the first of our season, I hadn't yet seen that awesome cotton dress with a little shimmer and pockets to boot and so I was quite enamored the entire day. Fast forward. Kat isn't wearing a bridesmaid dress from David's Bridal this year because she is now the one getting married! Michael and Kat are longtime sweethearts from Salisbury and so we headed on up to Salisbury for our second (yup, second! we did a fun family last fall out there) shoot out there. We started out at her family's old barn (where we encountered the most snuggly kitten ever in addition to spotting a bird nesting a few feet from us) and then worked our way downtown where we not only did a makeshift celebration with cupcakes for Michael's birthday but encountered mysterious green sludge (I'll give a packet of Nerds to whomever can identify what it is-see photo at end of the post) in addition to another sweet cat (this one tail-less!) and finished up downtown amongst Salisbury's cool old storefronts. You'll see these two cats (no pun intended) again in October where I can't wait to make use of Salisbury's downtown again!

Awwww.... she loves him!

Meet Kat. = )

Happy Birthday, Michael!

Reminiscent of Michelangelo's famous painting, although our subject matter wasn't quite as serious!

Kat looks pretty hot. Now if you only saw her yellow heels...

In front of the Salisbury mural. Kat looks a-MAZING!

Old gas station. SO cool!

This would make for a great caption contest...

I *love* her faces.

Love and kitties, (Notice the adorable kitten that Brian is *surprise* holding? And you can see the bird in nest and tail-less cat? Told you there were a lot!)

Mallory (& Brian)

P.S. I will seriously give a box of Nerds to the first person who can identify this mysterious green sludge that we encountered. It smelled like seaweed. Blech.

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