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Saturday, December 13, 2008


A tribute to my 89-year-old grandmother, Josepha Fredericka Reinkemeyer Bock who is still as strong and amazing as ever. I can only hope I can be half the woman you are someday, Grandma.


So last night Brian and I went to the gospel choir concert. I always love going because it brings back fond memories of the choir. I remember when I announced to the exec board that we were completing turning around the choir, literally, that we were going to begin facing the opposite direction in the room we used in the BCC. Reason being, I felt like God wanted to do a new thing, and he wanted to resurrect his plans for that body. Everyone stared at me with wide-eyed doubt until Anthony stepped in and said he had had a dream the night before, and in it the choir was facing the opposite way, just as I had just proposed.

I remember praying on the floor with Shaunese through many rehearsals. I remember listening to the quiet and powerful way Kimesha would command attention when she was talking about revelations of the Lord. I remember how Anthony would look at me out of the corner of his eye and smile sometimes when I was praying and called God "Daddy". I remember Bizzie crying when we came back from MO-Statewide because she hadn't been reading her Bible. I remember Precious' many testimonies about the Lord's doings. I remember watching Rita and being amazed at how much God had grown her. I remember praying so many nights for my precious babies that year: JK, Cheron, Jaron, Terence, Kourtney, Brittany, Ashley, Deidre, Whitni, Cami, Kenny "Young Money" Steele, Samantha, Jessica, Buffy, Georgenne, Kirk, Gerald, and so many more...

I still have yet to find a body and a time unlike that sweet, wonderful year as president. I learned so much. God taught me so much. And I miss everyone. So consider this a tribute to the good old days and to the many new faces I didn't recognize at the concert last night.