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Warning, the following ramblings are those of a sometimes sidetracked photographer avoiding accomplishing tasks on her list. All we ask is that if you use one of our photos from here or elsewise, you kindly give us credit. = )

Sunday, March 22, 2009

.:a mother's joy:.

On my second pass through of little Jay's birthday pictures I discovered this one. How did I miss it the first round? I love capturing emotions. Joy is my favorite.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

.:jaylin turns one:.

I normally LOVE black & white for my photos (especially if it's an event to remember) but this birthday party was so colorful and bright there was no way I could turn these black & white--it hid too much of the joy of the day! Jaylin turned one and Misty made the most awesomest cake ever known to man (seriously, it even tasted as excellent as it looked!) Jaylin has got to be the most loved little one-year-old this world has ever seen, no joke. And what a doll, to boot!