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Monday, May 30, 2011

.:jenny & nate:.

Jenny was that beautiful girl in school who always did well. You know the one that all of the teachers loved? And Nate was... well... not quite as occupied with achievement as Jenny was growing up in school. The two grew up in Kirksville together but were never really part of the same crowd ("Clearly," Jenny would say). As fate would have it, though, the pair ended up at Mizzou together and were re-introduced through mutual friends. Nate told his best friend that Jenny was most definitely the girl he was going to marry. Well, Jenny wasn't so sure about this. Despite his persistence, Jenny kept Nate as a good "guy friend" (which many men think spells doom) but finally after three years, she gave in and went on a date with the guy. It turned out to be a great decision as, well, you can see they ended up here! Now inseparable, Nate keeps Jenny grounded and helps her to not worry so much about the little details while Jenny keeps Nate striving for everything he can be.

As the story often goes as of late, Jenny contacted me on Monday of their wedding week to warn me about the impending forecast--60% chance of rain--and did we have a backup plan for the outdoor photos? So Jenny and I did a little pre-game brainstorming but, as always, I assumed the chance of rain would disappear. And, sure enough, Friday the chance was 70%-80% for all day on Saturday but by Saturday morning the chance had completely disappeared. Yay for no rain!

It was an absolutely beautiful day! We started out at Aesthetic Studio (http://aestheticstudio.net/) for Jenny to get her makeup airbrushed. (The awesome thing with airbrushed makeup is that it doesn't. come. off. Seriously. Sweat. Tears. Nothing can faze that stuff! A-mazing!) and went back to The Gathering Place B&B (http://www.gatheringplacebedandbreakfast.com/) to finish her hair and get dressed. There I encountered the amazing Tessa Glenn from JCPenney's salon who did a fantastic job on Jenny and her mom and sister's hair! We did a few shots at the B&B with Jenny's entourage of beautiful bridesmaids and then made our way to the Winston Churchill Memorial (http://www.churchillmemorial.org/Pages/default.aspx). When Nate laid his eyes on Jenny in her perfect gown and amazing veil his jaw almost dropped. Jenny is absolutely drop dead gorgeous. She has a jawline and cheekbones that most of us would kill to have and, well, it's pretty hard to take a bad picture of her (despite her insistence that she only has a few good angles). We got to take a few of the two of them before we started the day.

Jenny picked out so many magical details. There were peacock feathers galore (did I mention that I *LOVE* peacock feathers?) pewter birdcages, gorgeous frames with their pictures, a guestbook we put together that had all of their favorite engagement photos, rose petals to line the aisles, and tons of amazing details Jenny plucked from Etsy! (http://www.etsy.com)

The bridal party took a Trolley back to Columbia and we snagged a few photos in between. When we finally made it to the Tiger Hotel for their reception, everyone was ready to get out of their high heels and enjoy the evening! Edith Hall did an a-MAZING job on Jenny & Nate's cake, which echoed the design of Jenny's dress and the fantastic Tessa did a quick change up with Jenny's hair, turning it into a fishbone side ponytail with a great hairpiece Jenny had just for the occasion. With photos on the rooftop, the dances, and the the Cupie Shuffle under our belt we ended our night with a bang.

Jenny picked up some GORGEOUS white peacock feathers to accent her own bouquet.

Tessa came to the B&B that morning to fix Jenny's hair and did such a great job!

Jenny found beautiful matching earrings for all of her bridesmaids but her sister, Gentry, couldn't resist finding a pair for their mom.

So while the girls were getting gussied up, Nate was with his groomsmen and the men of the day eating at a Columbia favorite, Shakespeare's Pizza! (www.shakespeares.com)

Jenny and Nate did a "First Look" which allowed us to get some fantastic images of the two of them beforehand and get everyone to the reception faster afterwards. These are always some of my favorite times of the day!

Gah! Jenny is so beautiful!

Jenny *loves* planning and poured herself into the details of it all. She settled on a warm purple with gold and hunter green accents that just looked breathtaking. Not to mention the peacock feathers that were scattered throughout so much of the day!

I *loved* this ringbearer pillow she got from Etsy. See the peacock feathers made in sequins?

The adorable flower girl's grandparents were in from Japan and so it was so fun to watch them oogling at their ridiculously precious granddaughter!

A wedding isn't a wedding without a ringbearer or a flower girl doing something out of the ordinary. This little guy sprinted. Seriously. Sprinted. Up the aisle.

Going up the aisle escorted by her father and leaving at the arm of her new husband. = ) I love the symbolism!

See what I mean by most gorgeous church ever?

Bubble exit!

On our way back to Columbia we stopped to take a few shots of the bridal party and Jenny and Nate. I *love* this old house. It made for some great dramatic shots.

And, of course, the bridal party was quite entertained by good company and good beverages on the trolley on our way back.

Jenny found all sorts of bird cages to put on the tables. This one was my favorite!

Edith Hall did a fan-TASTIC job on the cake. I've sampled a lot of cakes in my day and I have to honestly say that Edith's *always* not only look amazing but taste overwhelmingly good. And that says a lot because... well... I generally think that wedding cakes taste a little like cardboard.

Assuming Jenny likely warned him prior, Nate did not smear the cake in Jenny's face.

One of the cool things about the Tiger Hotel is that Tina will let you go out onto the roof for some shots! Gorgeous! And check out Jenny's reception hair!

Man love. = )

"Party like it's 1999!"

And for those of you who are curious, here's the rundown of Jenny & Nate's vendors:
Flowers: Allen's http://www.allensflowersinc.com/
Cake: Edith Hall http://cakeswiththepersonaltouchbyedithhall.blogspot.com/
Hair: Tessa Glenn from JCPenney Salon
Make-Up: Aesthetic Studio http://aestheticstudio.net/
Trolley: White Knight Limousines http://www.gowhiteknight.com/fleet/limousines?gclid=CJj2k9iOkakCFZQbKgodhHcjpA
Dress Designer: Casa Blanca http://www.casablancabridal.com/

Happy planning!

Mallory (& Brian)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


P.S. Carolyn came by with that bag of yellow Reese's Pieces. Win. We. Are. Blessed.

.:elaine's baby bump:.

Page 1: Meet the Arfts. We love them. You will, too.

So I know we are supposed to be objective and all and love all of our clients equally. But, seriously, we *love* Justin and Elaine. Maybe it was the pie fight engagement shoot that Brian and Justin cooked up together. Maybe it was Elaine's artistic flair? Maybe it was Justin's love of music and Elaine's love of art. Maybe it was just their awesome laidback personalities. Who knows? Regardless, we liked them instantly. (You can see their wedding here)

Elaine finally joined the facebook age last Fall and we found out shortly thereafter that the pair was with child. What! How exciting! Justin contacted us recently for some gorgeous pictures of his breathtaking wife (because seriously, Elaine is beautiful) to document the momentous occasion. Elaine and Justin have an assortment of photos up in their house, including a beautiful one of Elaine's mother from years ago. When we arrived at the couple's new home (I know, new home owners *and* new parents not to mention the fact that Justin just started school again this last fall!) we were reminded again why we love them so much. Elaine said she was sad to find that there were almost no photos of her mother documenting that gorgeous baby bump and so Justin decided to surprise Elaine with photographs. Well.. with us taking the photographs!

So that morning, as I often do, I prayed and listened and waited for inspiration. I saw coffee (perhaps reminiscent of their engagement shoot at Lakota which you can find here from way back when) and I saw markers. Crayola washable markers. On Elaine's belly. Maybe it was the Chinese purple yam & black sesame seed cereal I ate that morning or maybe it was remembering the cool diagram Justin & Elaine made for their wedding years ago. But regardless, I liked the idea. I came totally willing to be rejected but I was pretty positive we'd find Justin & Elaine agreeable subjects. When we posed the idea as Brian and Justin were gently playing Justin & Elaine's new baby-proof side tables (that happen to be magically tuned an entire step apart) they were totally on board. Let the fun begin!

So we spent a great morning catching up with the two of them, talking about baby bumps, the root of white smalltown anger (where Brian and I are both from), and taking some great photographs. I *love love love love love love love love love* lifestyle portraiture. *Sigh* and when I get to make lifestyle portraits with awesome folks like Justin and Elaine I leave super happy.

So instead of the regular old photo pasting, today we'll tell a story (albeit not a well-told nor proper one, but a story nonetheless).

Page 2: Justin is pretty much awesome. Seriously.

Page 3: Elaine is an absolutely beautiful artist turned nurse who is equally awesome (though much prettier, sorry, Justin).

Page 4: And they are expecting an addition. Can you tell?

Page 5: The addition is named Henry. It has a great ring to it, doesn't it? Henry. You could even pronounce it Henri, sometime. I don't think Henry will be the type of chap to mind.

Page 6: The Arfts are casual folks. They "go with the flow" and love people. They are the type to put folding tables in their back lawn with vintage table cloths (that somehow match without matching), hang white christmas lights, grab some pumpkin beers, and invite a lot of friends to come join them in a night of revelry, laughter, and spontaneously forming bands comprising of banjos, recorders, and makeshift drums.

Page 7: When they found out they were with child they purchased a home. They are now officially adults (and, as such, ready to be parents).

Page 8: They are simultaneously nervous and ridiculously stoked. But all of those who know them know that they will be absolutely overwhelmingly amazingly rocking parents who will not only set great boundaries but encourage their kids to love deeply and give to others.

Page 9: They have the coolest baby mobile (at least that I've ever seen) hanging above Henry's crib, just daring for him to come and join them.

Page 10: The mobile is hanging next to a giraffe painting that Elaine's grandmother did and a new painting that Elaine's best friend Mary Jane did. Henry will be loved and creatified.

Page 11: Elaine and Justin have already picked out some great classics to read to Henry. Stories that comforted them from their childhood.

Page 12: Henry is so blessed, he is going to be born to parents who know how to laugh with one another and not take themselves too seriously.

Page 13: Not only do his parents know how to laugh, but Justin and Elaine dearly love one another. Not that ooey gooey mushy kind of infatuation love. But the love that is patient and kind and not envious nor boastful nor rude but rejoices in the right and keeps no record of wrong. You know, that enduring, agape kind of love.

Page 14: They cannot wait for Henry to come join them next month! It's like he's the guest they've been waiting for all along!

Page 15: Henry will be surrounded by turquoise and lime and salmon and chocolate and red and emerald and amethyst and amber and periwinkle and sage and all sorts of amazing colors that will make his little eyes want to explore.

Page 16: Some day, when Henry is grown, he can look back at the photos of his mom and dad when they were young and skinny and didn't have as many wrinkle lines from laughing and see that he was a welcomed addition. He'll be surprised to realize that they were just as cool young and skinny as they were old and gray-headed and wrinkly.

Page 17: Elaine was so beautiful we needed to showcase the colors, the light, and that big bump.

Page 18: She talked about her struggle at times of just feeling like a fat woman who suddenly had varicose veins. But she realized, being a nurse in the burn unit, that we often don't see ourselves correctly. She sees her patients all covered in burns as still beautiful, even when they don't see it. And so if they can be beautiful with burns, then she needed to realize that her growing belly and increasing smile lines and darker veins were still somehow, beautiful, too.

Page 19: Elaine realized that we have a lot to be thankful for. Health. Homes. Family. Jobs. Spots on our legs without varicose veins. An amazing husband. And, really, if we spend all of our time thinking about the things we hate about ourselves or our lives, we'll miss the things that we love and fail to appreciate them. So this photo is an appreciation of all that Elaine is. And will be. And was for others.

Page 20: Finally, though, before it started raining, it was time to draw out baby Henry's own story. But what to draw? Things that Henry would love or become, maybe? Cool words in Greek and Latin that only Justin could read?

Page 21: Unfortunately, drawing is Elaine's forte, not Justin's. So, while Justin can most definitely read and write obscure classical languages and pick up and play almost any instrument, it appears that Elaine may have to do the drawing.

Page 22: Have no fear! Elaine is so good at drawing that she can even draw a dinosaur upside down.

Page 23: So here's baby Henry's life at a glance. Got it all?

Page 24: Whoops, looks like we forgot to grab Jack for his photo op. Jack loves babies, especially Henry.

Page 23: We are patiently looking forward to your arrival, baby Henry, and can't wait for you to come and join the awesome Arfts. We bet you'll like them even more than we do. = )


Thank you all, again, Justin & Elaine, for your hospitality, your graciousness, and, well, being awesome.

Babies and puppies,

Mallory (& Brian)