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Saturday, May 22, 2010



Pretty much sums up the day. = )

Megan and Ben, you are some pretty cool cats.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

.:and for your information:.

And for all those of you have been dying to see some of our normal photography here is a teaser from tonight's engagement session with my dear friend Mazvita and her fiance Ben. Told you we found new spots! (Luckily it appears the shady vines weren't poison ivy because I am not itching yet!) They'll be getting hitched in just a few weeks here. I also have some to post from another couple, Megan and Ben, who will be getting married this weekend and having their reception in what appears to be a mid-Missouri CASTLE but I wanted to save their engagement and wedding photos for all one post.

Happy Wednesday!


.:love language of time:.

So recently Brian and I's time has been pretty... well... scarce. For those of you that know us well you will remember that we talk about The Five Love Languages quite frequently. We are blessed such that my primary love language is Brian's secondary and my secondary is his primary. It works out well.

Anyway, these past few weeks have been hectic, to say the least, and time for the two of us has been at a premium. Yesterday after coming home from running errands Brian and I decided to go driving and scouting for new photography locations. We've done a lot of downtown shoots recently and I'm a photographer that tends to be inspired by new surroundings. With a slew of engagement shoots coming up it's time we found some new places around the area.

Anyway, back to the love languages.

My love language is Quality Time. That means that I feel most loved and my "love tank" is most filled when I am spending time and talking with the one I love. So when Brian and I went to drive around, chat, take photos, and explore needless to say I was a happy camper by the end of the night. We made our way to both Cooper's Landing (which was flooded) and to McBaine (where I'd never been) to check out their legendary tree. Brian took lots of pictures of me for fun and refused to let me take many of him. He claimed his hair was too poofy. (I cut it today so no more excuses next time!)

We did a little hand holding, which fulfilled his love language of touch. One of our best dates ever with no money involved but the gas in our tank. My husband is amazing.

Next adventure? MOVING! We're going to have an impromptu garage sale on Friday & Saturday morning before we head out for a wedding. Anyone need any purses/magazines/home decor/candles?


When we arrived to check out Cooper's Landing we noticed something fishy was happening. The road suddenly dipped underwater. Uh oh. Can't drive any more. Whatever shall we do?


Brian, like the trooper and awesome husband he is, suggested we forge ahead on foot. He rolled up his jeans (and looked so hot!) and led the way through the flooded road like a real man. = )


Lucky for me, I had just purchased my first real pair of cowboy boots only hours earlier to use for the wedding season. I learned very quickly that not only are boots cute with skirts, but they are amazingly water proof. (So sorry, parents, for resisting them all my life! I was woefully wrong!)


After a few bends and turns in the road (and more than a little water) we got to the two bridges Brian had been telling me about.


Only problem is that everything was underwater...


...including our only path to the bridge. This is Brian emoting our feelings. (To his benefit, he did offer to drive back to Wal-Mart, find a one-time inflatable raft and return the next day so we could float the 15 feet out to the other, much older bridge that is only feet away.)


So we walked on back to our car waiting on the outskirts of the flooded road. Brian paused long enough to let me take this photograph. That's right, Peter, you're not the only one with faith enough to walk on water.


Brian decided he'd take a stab at portraits for once. I was wearing a dress I found in my grandmother's dress up closet several years ago. It's a legit vintage dress. Not only is it completely the wrong cut for my body type but yellow is ridiculously hard to pull off. My pale skin is not the color to do it justice. Regardless, it was fun to wear on our little date alone.


Golden hour before sunset = beautiful light (He insisted I not only post this one in the blog but that I change my facebook photo to it immediately when we returned last night. Respectful wife that I am, I complied.)


And, finally the infamous McBaine tree Brian has told me so much about. His photo, not mine.


Life is well. = )