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Sunday, January 31, 2010


So as of yesterday, it's been 26 short years. I always thought 26 was old (after all, it's closer to 30 than to 20). When I was little I thought that by the time I was 26 I would definitely be taller than 5'4", be a ridiculously famous cellist/singer/actress/artist, and look as old as Kelly from Saved by the Bell (who looked 27 when she was supposedly 16 on the show). Alas, I am still 5'2", am neither a famous cellist, singer, actress, nor artist and I tower at an intimidating 5'2". But life couldn't be more fantastic. I may not look like Kelly Kapowski or be known in Hollywood circles, but I am blessed. My husband is more amazing than I could have ever asked for, and I am loved.

So, as I never do, I'm posting photos of myself to placate you silly friends that continue to request them.

This is me at age 11. Pretty hot, huh? Standing tall at 5'2" I was convinced that since I was one of the tallest in my class for the first time in my life that I would have to be at least a lofty 5'6" someday. I also held to the theory that since I was an ugly duckling I would thus grow into a beautiful swan as an adult (with my gorgeous classmates obviously doomed for uglydom). Wow... if it only worked like that in real life. (Note to all readers, never, I repeat NEVER choose "Blossom" hats as your signature "style". They date you quickly and look even worse when paired with fuzzy sweaters, glasses, braces, and a perm gone wrong on Christmas.)


These were taken yesterday on my birthday. Brian took them. I may not be the beautiful swan I'd imagined when I was 11, but I still feel pretty sassy sometimes thanks to a husband who takes the time to tell me at least a dozen times a day in a dozen different ways how gorgeous he thinks I am. How gloriously wonderful and rare is that?

malstrip copy

On a last note, thanks to everyone for their wonderful birthday wishes on facebook! If we aren't friends, let's be. = )

-Mallory (Thomas) Taulbee

Cuz baby I'mma thug...

Saturday, January 23, 2010


Brian and I have never been much for gifts. When we were in pre-marital counseling we sat down and made it a point to ascertain our love languages. We discovered that for me, spending quality time together was number one, for Brian, it was snuggling. Luckily, snuggling was a close second for me and time was a close second for him. The love language of gifts was dead last for both of us.

People ask us what we get one another for birthdays or Christmas or anniversaries. The fact is we rarely get one another anything. Honestly, we feel so blessed every day to spend time with one another that gifts are just extraneous in our lives. As Brian and I sat down almost three years ago now and mapped out what we wanted our future holidays to look like I realized the ones I remembered the most were when my family went somewhere or did something different. I could hardly recall any of the gifts I had been given but I remember the Christmas my family went to Crown Center and heard the caroler's at night and we watched A Shark's Tale together in our hotel room and played the game Block'em as we waited for our room service.

I am so blessed to have an amazing family and a few years ago my mom started deciding to use holidays as a time for quality family stuff rather than filling it with gifts we'd all just throw away afterwards. (Although I do readily admit that I miss the packs of Ferrero Rochers.)

My mom planned one such trip for our family this past winter. I took pictures of it long ago meaning to post them but they got buried under a growing list of things I had to do immediately. She took us basketweaving. Brian was reluctant to go, as he was last time, but he made it through. We all drove to good old Linn, Missouri (where my mom grew up and most of my relatives still reside) for the Dudenhoeffer's rare basketweaving class. The Dudenhoeffers are a talented pair. Not only do they have a log cabin they hold their classes and do their own basketweaving in, but she also throws pots and he carves many a wooden animal. I met their daughter many years ago when my mom brought us out to their farm to pick up our first goats. (I try not to hold it against them that they were the ones that got my mother hooked on goats. They, unlike my mother, were smart enough to get rid of the goats. My family still has theirs. Give me a holla' if you need a goat for Eid al-Adha or some other festival/feast. Seriously.) She is as kind-hearted and genuine as her parents but is no longer at home but is out continent hopping in the name of finding fantastic vineyards for making exquisite wine. Ahhh... if we could all be so lucky. = )












A photo of all of the lovely persons that were along for the basketweaving class. Poor things had to deal with my mother and I's very loud voices and Brian and I's stubborn determination to end up with baskets different than everyone else's. Notice how Brian's is thinner and mine is much wider than everyone else's? Yeah, we're dorks:


Friday, January 22, 2010

.:sarah & kris:.

Now that I can work fulltime I am bound and determined to finish posting all of the incredible weddings with the fantastic people we did in 2009. So today, I start with Sarah and Kris.

Once upon a time

Sarah and Kris Hall
Once upon a time in the far away land of Ireland, men and women of all different ages and from all different times decided to begin a new life in the distant land of America. They scattered all over the new nation and developed new hopes and dreams and ideals but never lost their heart for their homeland. Lo and behold, there weren't as many fiery Irish in the states as at home, of course, but somehow Sarah's mother and Sarah's father, both fullblooded Irish, found one another and fell in love (despite a few warnings from family and friends that their tempers might possibly make marriage a little more difficult). They loved one another with the fierceness that only an Irishman knows. They ended up having not one, not two, but three freckled, redheaded children. The middle of which was Sarah.

their story
Sarah and Kris Hall10
Sarah, as the middle child, was the peacemaker. She was a hard worker, hated to make decisions, but felt drawn to help everyone she could. It was clear that she was a nurturer so when she chose to be a nurse, no one was surprised. One fateful day Sarah's cousin introduced her to this great guy [[enter Kris]] at a time Sarah wasn't expecting it. Kris saw Sarah like he'd never seen another woman and he loved her. Everyone could see it. These two gentle souls fit. She made it her job to take care of others but suddenly someone wanted to take care of her. Though scary at first, Sarah soon learned she could trust her life in the hands of this gentle man who had eyes for her and her alone. When he asked her to marry him, Sarah knew without a doubt that this was the man she wanted by her side to weather life.

the wedding day
Sarah and Kris Hall2
They planned a wedding at Stephen's Lake Park on an unseasonably beautiful day. Sarah wasn't big on planning and Kris was even less so, so they let family and friends sweep them up and help them plan the seemingly overwhelming task of a wedding. Artistic family jumped in to decorate and somehow they all finally decided on the flowers that would go into their silk bouquets.

They nixed the rehearsal since how hard can a wedding ceremony be? The day was filled with laughter. Sarah & Kris saw each other beforehand to get all of their photos out of the way--they wanted to enjoy the rest of their day. The groomsmen made a last minute switch (they were on the wrong side) as the bridesmaids walked to the altar one by one. The flower girl and ringbearer approached the front as the wedding party waited. The parents of the little ones held their breath (as most parents in their situation do) but started to exhale as the little ones made it to the end of the aisle without a single hangup. Suddenly though, the ringbearer realized the flower girl had a much cooler job than he (you have to admit, throwing petals is a much more active job than carrying a pillow) so at the end of the aisle came a short tussle for the basket. Like a lady, the flower girl acquiesced her basket to the little boy who threw a few petals with a huge grin on his face and then took his seat with his grandparents. Sarah approached to the melodies of a beautiful violin played by a childhood friend.

The day was gorgeous. Afterwards, Sarah and Kris, took a run through the sprinklers at Stephen's Lake Park alone. Kris had brought a black suit to wear in lieu of his rented tux and they knew the fabric of Sarah's dress would be just fine. So they did it. As they walked back to Reichmann Pavilion for their reception festivities and Irish jigs, they were content. The two held hands, observed the wet trail they were leaving behind them on the sidewalk, and giggled as they looked into one another's eyes. All was well. Today was the mark of the rest of their lives together and they wouldn't have it any other way.

Sarah and Kris Hall3

Sarah and Kris Hall4

Sarah and Kris Hall5

Sarah and Kris Hall6

Sarah and Kris Hall7

Sarah and Kris Hall8

Sarah and Kris Hall9

Sarah and Kris Hall11

Sarah and Kris Hall13

P.S. I normally don't throw in bridal party photos but I had to throw this one in. Sarah & the girls realized after the ceremony that they'd all forgotten to use their bouquets that had been so painstakingly put together for the ceremony. They were bummed. So to make up for it they did a few pictures with their bouquets in prominent positions. This was probably the favorite of the day.
Sarah and Kris Hall12

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

.:shandy & brad:.

This year began, again, with a wedding. = )

A photographer friend of ours oh-so-many-years-ago confessed that he had an opportunity that he had turned down to do photography fulltime with a company. His reason? He would be travelling all over the country with a partner--a female--and, well, when two people spend a lot of time together, they either fall in love or begin to despise one another.

Funny story--that's what happened with Shandy and Brad. These two lovebirds travelled around the U.S. taking photos of martial arts kiddos in front of gray backdrops and then photoshopping in super cool red flames (okay, maybe it's not so super cool but the kids think so). Somewhere in there they fell in love and realized that they would make a great team off the job.

The two tied the knot in a short ceremony at Reichmann Pavilion on New Year's Eve. They, like us when we married two years ago, decided that a quick ceremony flocked by a single attendant and a short reception for close friends and family would do because they were ready for their honeymoon cruise. They also had a slideshow running with photos of their younger years (one had a mullet and the other was a little pudgy--I'll let you guess who had what) which entertained more than a few of us. Speaking of entertaining, I'm sure because they've had so much experience behind the camera, Shandy and Brad made some fantastic faces!

P.S. Brian said I must mention that their processional was his favorite Thrice song, "The Weight" (so favorite, in fact, that he made it my ringtone months ago).
P.P.S. If you are reading this from facebook and aren't seeing photos, click here to see the actual blogpost.

WilliamsProck Wedding-6-2