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Saturday, June 5, 2010

.:why stubbornness can be an asset:.

My most recent photography fetish as of late is finding spectacularly creative ways to photograph wedding bands. As I was pondering the "why" to this question, I decided that it all has to do with my inherent stubbornness. Since as far back as I can remember I've always been that girl who was... well... stubborn. I always had to do something different. Perhaps go the extra mile, but stand out for sure. Not to prove to other people that I was better but to challenge myself.

For example, when my Intro to Art teacher told us to to do an organic shapes design that had balance both in its color and placement of shapes I, of course, chose to do human shapes in a completely symmetrical fashion and balance the color by using the rainbow color scale rather than choosing fruit or leaves, arranging them in a balanced scene and then using a complimentary or split complimentary color scheme to fill in the objects.


When I was in High School in Art 1 we were told to do a pencil drawing of a car using drawing pencils. But of course I couldn't just draw a car. I had to ask special permission to draw my family's home (which took me months longer!) and used mechanical pencils just to prove I could do it. (Which I realized years later was ridiculous but... then again, it worked, right?)


In Watercolor 1 at Mizzou when we were supposed to do a simple, quick watercolor rendition of an artist's painting I instead chose the ridiculously time-consuming Winslow Homer painting, Adirondack Guide. (As a side note, you can tell this is my painting and not the actual as you can see my reflection holding a point and shoot camera in the glass!)


When I was a P.A. (think R.A. for those of you non-Mizzou people) in the residence halls I couldn't do a normal bulletin board with basic information, I had to create pictures with the paper and die-cutters and fill the space in an artistic fashion. Bulletin boards that should have taken me 10 minutes to prepare instead took me three or four hours. Why? I guess I just wanted to do it.


Finally, take the example of one of my plays I costume designed. When a friend asked me to costume design a community theater rendition of Godspell for no pay I decided that, rather than taking the easy way out and costuming the actors traditionally, I had to come up with different, balanced costumes with different textures, patterns in monochromatic scheme to match with his Piet Mondrian concept.


I believe my mother would call the quality I describe as "stubbornness" and I'm not so sure she's been so keen on this fantastic character attribute I possess. However unconstructive my attitude could be at home, I'd like to think it has had its good qualities in other areas, like my photography! Which brings me back to my first point--wedding bands!

I think my stubbornness is what drives my new ring arranging obsession. My recent refusal to photograph bands in the obligatory (albeit beautiful!) fashion stuffed in a rose somewhere in the bride's bouquet has led me to work ridiculously hard at finding a unique, creative way to display the rings every time that somehow has a piece of the couple's personality/celebration. Mazvita & Ben's wedding today was no exception.


Talk about sustainable centerpieces! (Although when we left Mazvita was looking for homes for those cute goldfish!) Before I shot the above photo, Brian warned me that the "fishy water" would harm Mazvita & Ben's rings and since I wasn't the one that paid hundreds of dollars for them I should probably avoid putting them in the bowls. That's probably very wise, practical advice that we should all listen to. However, as seems consistent with my attitude throughout life (right, Mom?), I politely and sheepishly told him I was going to shoot the rings in the bowl with the fish anyway. Mazvita approved when she found out. I knew it! So, take that, Brian!

[See, Mom, my stubbornness has a purpose in life and serves well today. Who would have thunk it? And there were times you had no hope!]

Finally, for those of you dying to see photos of Mazvita and Ben from today (especially those friends overseas that Skyped with Mazvita this morning while she was sans makeup and sporting a fashionable do-rag!), here are a few to tide you over until it's not 2:00 in the morning and I'm still up after shooting a gorgeous wedding all day. = )




Happy weekend after Memorial Day/Mazvita & Ben Wedding weekend, everyone!

Friday, June 4, 2010

.:mmm... dessert:.

So Brian and I have the pleasure and honor of shooting a good friend of mine's wedding TOMORROW! Dear Mazvita Matsiga (for those of you not fluent in the native tongue of Zimbabwe, that's pronounced Mah-ZHEE-tah). Brian reminded me tonight at their rehearsal dinner (after they announced Ben's mother had made wonderful oreo dessert for us all) that perhaps the delight of dessert didn't exactly mesh well with my ongoing and progressively more rigorous goal of being healthy and limiting my sugar intake.

Mazvita held her bachelorette party at Encore Wine & Dessert last night and I'm afraid that ever since I viewed the amazing plating of these sugary indulgences, I have had desserts on my mind. Here are a few of the delightful decadences we were able to enjoy last evening. (I was good... err... well... better since I had carrot cake and scraped off all of the icing. That means technically I ate veggies last night and that shows I have a lot of willpower, right?)

Anyway, Encore's desserts last evening looked too amazing not to 1. Photograph (Mazvita told me to NOT bring my camera but I couldn't resist) and 2. Share with all of you out there with a sweet tooth. (The Lord has blessed me with a husband that despises not only chocolate but sweet things in general. Which means if he did enjoy them as much as I do that I would be 20 lbs. heavier than I am now!) So if you're in Columbia and wanting a late night delicious dessert after an evening movie or night out on the downtown scene, head on over to Encore and try something. After all, it isn't everyday you can go out just for dessert. = )




(Oh, and in my defense my justification of bringing my camera to the bachelorette party at which I was supposed to be a guest alone is that I had to have a guinea pig event to try out some new flash work--homemade gels! To prove it, I post the following photo as evidence! Pretty cool, huh?)


Oh, and to be fair, here is a photo of the breathtaking soon-to-be-Mrs-Lewton. Someone (likely one of her amazing matrons of honor, Kate Kromann) came up with the idea that all attendees had to dress in black and white while the bride-to-be would be in some color to add spice and drama and, well, stand out. Stand out she did in this amazing purple dress. Ah, to have purple compliment your skin tone.