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Saturday, February 13, 2010

.:the most awesomest vows ever:.

Adam and Lilly 12

For those who were curious about the infamous vows we mentioned in the previous post, Adam and Lilly have so generously let us re-post their vows. Engaged couples, take note:

[I preface Lilly's vows to remind readers Lilly is in vet school.]

My dearest Adam:

I know it is a grave tradition
For one standing in this position
To offer solemn vows of love
Sanctified by the one above.
In this duty I don’t mean to be remiss
While you wait there impatiently for that kiss
I wish to offer you this contract
which I would always like to keep intact.

I will forevermore try to do my part
To create new verbs such as ‘to shark’
I will hopefully exceed your culinary needs
And only defer to you the most unpleasant deeds
Like killing an occasional spider.
I’ll do my best to not get wider.
I’m game for most adventures like jumping from an airplane soaring
I will strive to not be old and boring.
On the number of furry friends I will try to keep a cap
So that we don’t end up living amongst massive piles of crap.
I will always seek to improve my mind body and spirit,
When you have a good point I’ll take the time to truly hear it.
I so enjoy our relationship and know we will encounter change
Over the years our experiences have had quite a range
For you I am willing to go all ten rounds
And I do not care who it astounds.
We will be defined by our achievements
And learn to handle gracefully any bereavements.
I vow to be honest
I vow to be fair
I vow to be playful
Do not despair!
I vow to be thoughtful if my angry switch is toggled
And never, ever, EVER let you win at Boggle.
I vow to be open to your thoughts and suggestions
I vow to never give in and to keep asking questions
I promise to do my best in this love and now mawwiage
To have you in my life has been a great privilege.

[I must preface Adam's vows by reminding the reader that he was a very recent law school graduate when they had their wedding.]

Lilly, this is my Opening Statement:
Lilly, I love you. I love you so much and I have loved you for so long.
I vow to love you each and every day, more than the day before;
I vow to hug and kiss you as if it were my last hug and kiss, but to look into your eyes like the first time I knew we belonged together;
I vow to dance crazy with you when our favorite music comes on,
I vow to always prepare garlic for your fabulous meals, because I know that other than that I am in the way in the kitchen;
I vow to protect you from any and all harm, including any spider that threatens you.

The Evidence.
From when we were foolish kids at the movies, holding hands and kissing, to teenagers at football games; to college students separated but not apart, I have loved you.
We have traveled from California to New York together, and from St. Louis to St. Croix, and our love has grown.
We have survived birthdays, Valentines days, weddings and funerals. We have survived vacations and Christmas, (and if we can survive Christmas with our families, I think we can survive anything).
We have sky-dived, scuba-dived, and hiked the Grand Canyon and yet all of this is slight adventure to what we will share together. I vow to take you on so many adventures, because this is just the beginning.

Lilly, this is my Closing Argument:
As your husband I promise to care for you, trust your love, be responsive to your needs, communicate my feelings, and show my love and respect for you, my better half. I say these things because I love you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you.
There is nothing nobler or more admirable than when two people who see eye to eye keep house as man and wife, confounding their enemies and delighting their friends. -Homer

To summarize:
I will love you on the sea
I will love you in a tree
I will love you here and there
I will love you anywhere

I will love you every day
I will love you come what may
I will love you more than pie (the food not the number)
I will love you ‘til I die

I will love you here and there
I will love you anywhere.
Lilly, I love you.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

.:lilly & adam:.

Adam and Lilly 10

Some love blossoms early. When Lilly's family asked Adam if he remembered how the two of them started dating, he naively shook his head, "no". (We'll get to that in a minute).

Lilly and Adam are like vanilla and chocolate, like peaches and cream, like peanut butter and jelly. They fit together perfectly and they've been together for what seems like an eternity. The fact is, some love blossoms early.

The two had decided once she was finally in vet school and he had finished his final year in law school that they would tie the knot in a small ceremony surrounded by their immediate family. So Adam and Lilly (or Lilly and Adam, if you prefer) dressed up in their finest to celebrate their new life surrounded by beautiful floral designs by My Secret Garden and a family with just enough spunk and character to keep everyone laughing and entertained. Lilly's mother put on her pink, self-labelled "monkey suit" paired with sparkly heels(which later she moved back and forth quickly every time she noticed me trying to take a photo of them during the wedding-which, as she had planned, messed up those shots) and kept Lilly in all smiles while Adam greeted the arriving family in A.P. Green Chapel upstairs.

When the moment arrived, Lilly approached the front of the small chapel arm in arm with both of her parents to the sound of a gong and Adam took her in with eyes that showed how long he had been waiting for this moment. Their claim to fame during their simple ceremony were their vows which they not only wrote, but made sure rhymed. After the ceremony and quick family photos for all Adam and Lilly made their way to Columbia's fine Wine Cellar & Bistro where they were greeted with a surprise.

They knew something was going on when they arrived to see Lilly's mother (already changed out of the sparkly heels and into tennis shoes to match her skirted pink "monkey suit") keeping watch for their arrival. Apparently, all of the family had pitched in to help create a slideshow (which they were finishing the set up of) of the couple from birth to present. But, not only did the slideshow include photos, it included the beginning of their courtship so very long ago.

After enjoying their first slice of cake together (which I might mention was a cake decorated with vet symbols for Lilly) the two finally sat to enjoy this surprise (that they were getting a little nervous about, knowing the nature of their family). Lilly's mother asked Adam, with a sly smile, if he remembered how the two began dating. Adam's face turned a little red as he slowly shook his head, "no," scared where this was going...

Turns out, as their families quickly reminded them, Adam asked out Lilly by writing a little message on Lilly's bedroom wall in sharpie one fine day in high school. Luckily, Lilly's mom snapped a photo of it, and then typed it out so that we could all read it on the screen. Everyone shared the laughter.

This is the love of Adam and Lilly.

[Adam and Lilly had their engagement photos taken the *week* of their wedding! We did a few photos downtown and got them ordered in time to have them displayed at their actual ceremony. So when those wedding books tell you that you have to have your engagement photos done a year in advance, these two are living proof that it isn't always necessary!]
Adam and Lilly

Adam and Lilly 2

And because it's technically "doppelganger week" on facebook (and strangely has been for the last three weeks...) I noticed as I was going back through their photos that Lilly bears a strange resemblance to Stana Katic, who plays a character named Kate Beckett on the show "Castle".

Adam and Lilly 3 (& Kate Beckett-not my photo)

Adam and Lilly 4

Adam and Lilly 5

Adam and Lilly 6

Adam and Lilly 7

Adam and Lilly 8

Adam and Lilly 9

Notice the adorable little animals on their cake?

Adam and Lilly 11

Adam and Lilly 12

Adam and Lilly 13

I bet Adam had this same suave face when he was writing that message on Lilly's wall. = )

Adam and Lilly 14

And just because it's my goal this year to finally enjoy the taste of wine, I give you more wine corks.

Adam and Lilly 15

The end!